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When the nationwide lockdown occurred in March of 2020 pretty much every industry in America was shaken. Restaurants and small businesses shuttered their doors, too many of them destined to never return. Gyms and WeWorks went dark. School kids all too quickly became familiar with something called ‘remote learning’ which in truth had been around for a while but was suddenly thrust into the forefront of kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms of anyone trying to learn. The entertainment industry was affected as well. Sports were delayed, concerts were cancelled, movies and television shows put on hold. Museums and art galleries and opera all went on hiatus. The Broadway hit “Hamilton”, which threatened to break all box office records, had to retreat along with everyone else and wait for the day when people felt comfortable again sitting next to strangers. It’s now September and while the country shows signs of opening up again (albeit slowly and cautiously) one of the questions not talked about on national television or written about in too many publications is what happens to theater? Not Broadway, we know they will be fine eventually. A handful of shows closed prematurely (“Hangmen” by Martin McDonagh and the revival of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” head that list while many others will be postponed. But most Broadway shows will return and new ones will take the place of those which departed. It may take a while, at least into 2021, but eventually they’ll be fine. Likewise Off Broadway. They may not have the deep pockets of Broadway but they also don’t have the crippling expense. No, a far more urgent question is what will happen to the rest of theater in New York which, as it happens, is also the largest slice of the pie, at least in terms of sheer numbers. Most Indie Theater productions can survive a bad review but can they survive a pandemic?


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